Monday, December 8, 2014

Which Genre Tops the Indie Sales Charts?

I'm a big fan of Smashwords, the world's largest distributor of indie ebooks, and I sell more books through them than I do through Amazon. I've posted about this dilemma elsewhere. Today's post has another focus.

Smashwords has just announced its bestsellers for October on the Publishers Weekly website. This is fantastic news for all indie authors who hope for the kind of sales volume and professional recognition that this represents. I add my enthusiastic congratulations to these authors for this wonderful accomplishment.

However, an analysis of these 25 top bestsellers also contains a cautionary note for authors who don't write in the romance genre, especially for male authors. All the top 25 bestselling authors are women, some of whom have multiple titles on the list. 20 of the 25 best sellers are adult romances. 4 are young adult books, 2 of which are romances. So 22 of the 25 are romances. 1 adult mystery somehow managed to find its way into the mix. 

Again, this is a wonderful achievement for these authors and I salute them. It does raise an obvious issue, however, for those of us who don't write in the Romance Genre. Is this pattern a fluke or a trend for all time?

Why is it that romance novels dominate the current sales charts? Can other genres ever hope to achieve this level of sales success? What will it take for this to happen?

Any suggestions?

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