Monday, October 14, 2013

Can Scrivener Really Help the Writing Process?

I'm always looking for a "magic" assist to get me off my delaying tactics and help me to buckle down to serious writing. Last year I bought the Snowflake method software created by published novelist, Randy Ingermanson.  I actually used it to write "The Witch of Maple Park" and now I can sincerely recommend it.

Now, with this positive experience to build upon, I began to explore other software for writers.  I recently came across something called "Scrivener" which I downloaded as a 30 day free trial. I've used 2/3 of that time to read the lengthy tutorial twice and to watch the video version multiple times. At first, it seemed like the most complicated software ever to be devised for writers, and it made MS Word seem like kindergarten stuff.

But every time I've been tempted to forget Scrivener and just get on with writing my next novel, I've Googled "Scrivener" and found dozens of writers praising it and virtually no-body panning it. So I've stuck it out and the light is beginning to shine on the potential value of this product and of the time I've spent trying to get my brain around this software.

Have any of my readers encountered and used this product? All advice and suggestions will be cheerfully received by me and by other readers of this blog. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful comments.

Robert Tell
Novelist, Poet and Wannabe Golfer

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