Saturday, May 18, 2013

What is it about a book...

...that makes it so precious? When I was a kid, the gifts I most treasured were inscribed books from a favorite uncle or parent. I think of favorites like "Black Beauty," "A Child's Garden of Verse," "Red Ryder," "Bob, Son of Battle," and others that I saved for decades.

When my son was around seven years old, my parents gave him four books of Walt Disney tales, each  lovingly inscribed with a birthday message and a hope that he'd pass them along to his own son someday.  Well, someday just came, as his son just turned seven and is glued by the hour to the pages of these four volumes, which are surprisingly fresh and sound after four decades.

And this kid, like his contemporaries, is rarely apart from a screenful of entertainment, none of which will ever be as precious to him as the aging pages of those four old Disney books. What will he leave to his son (or daughter) someday? An autographed Kindle?

 How sad!

Robert Tell
Author of Ebooks (lol)

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