Saturday, May 11, 2013

How can ebook authors increase sales?

I know you've heard about Smashwords, the major distributor of ebooks, but if you haven't see the latest Smashwords blog post, you are definitely missing out on lots of important marketing ideas.

If you are pressed for time, here's the essence of it in a nutshell. Based on a review of 120,000 of its ebook sales, Smashwords did an analysis of potential factors that could help authors sell more ebooks. 

Their analysis provided answers to the following questions:
  • Do frequent price changes help authors sell more books?
  • Do longer or shorter book titles sell more books? 
  • Do longer or shorter book descriptions sell more books?
  • How do sales develop over time at a retailer, and what factors might spark a breakout?
  • Do longer or shorter books sell better?
  • What's the average word count for the 60 bestselling Smashwords romance books?
  • What does the sales distribution curve look like, and how many books sell well?
  • How many words are the bestselling authors selling for a penny?
  • What are the most common price points for indie ebooks, and what changed since last year? 
  • How many more downloads do FREE ebooks get compared to priced ebooks?
  • How have Smashwords sales grown at the Apple iBookstore in three years?
  • How does price impact unit sales volume?
  • What price points yield the greatest overall earnings for authors and publishers?
  • What does the Yield Graph portend for the future of publishing?
To read about the findings, I recommend checking out the link to the Smashwords' blog post:

Mark Coker, the guy who created Smashwords, has asked for the word about this study to be spread . Smashwords has my own books in its inventory and, very possibly yours as well. I will be applying the lessons learned to the marketing of my work.  I suggest you read the findings of this study and apply them to your own strategies too.

Good luck!

Robert Tell

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